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This Unique Wellness Living Experience

Has 4 Ingredients

Ingredient 1

Boutique Luxury Villas

  • Amenities & Service of a World Class Hotel

  • Wellness Themed Villas

  • Vastu Architecture for optimal Sleep & Mental Clarity.

  • Vastu Architecture is the 5,000-year-old 'Yoga of Architecture' similar to Feng Shui.More info here.

  • Every Villa with Sea Views & Private Infinity Pool

  • Eco Friendly & Chemical Free

  • We plan to maximize Space & Privacy depending on the final land.

    This is the minimum space between Villas.

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    Ingredient 2

    Spiritual Immersion in a Traditional Temple Monastery

    With Ordained Monks from India

  • The trend in the luxury travel is continuously moving towards Unique Stories & Experiences.(article here)

  • An Authentic Sea Front Monastery is a Unique Feature that's extremely hard for the competition to replicate.

  • Meditate in this magical Seafront Temple alongside Monks.

  • Sing & dance in musical Kirtan.

    Kirtan is done as a:

    • Meditation
    • Musical & Dance Performance
    • Spiritually Social & Communal Experience
  • Take a class, or mentorship from a Monk.

  • Study Spirituality, Personal Growth, Holistic Living, Mind Yoga, & more.

  • Smell ceremonial incense, mixing with the sea breeze as you listen to the soothing sound of rhythmic mantras melting into ocean waves.

  • Witness & participate in elaborate, colorful traditional rituals and festivals that have been protected for millennia.

  • Social-Media-Friendly & highly "Instagrammable".

  • Solid carved stone from India.

  • Creates an unmatched aesthetic look & unique story.

  • Creates an 'energetic resonance' that relaxes the body & mind.(Explanation here)

  • Built to last hundreds or even thousands of years.

  • 100% according to Vastu Architecture.
    Vastu is the 5,000-year-old 'Yoga of Architecture'.(here for more on Vastu Architecture)

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    Ingredient 3

    Caribbean Paradise

    Beach Vacation

  • A Gourmet Health-Focused Restaurant

  • Eat with Sea or Temple viewes 

  • Beach Club steps from second Largest Barrier Reef in the world

  • Chill, Socialize or Relax with music, a coconut, tasty treats and 5 star service

  • Perfect location for a beachfront birthday, or an intimate destination wedding party.

  • Get all the jaw-dropping nature, beach & reef in one of the top vacation destinations in the world. 

  • Get all the water activates, like, swimming, snorkeling, diving, boat trips, dolphins, and excursions in world class vacation destination.

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    Ingredient 4

    Wellness Sabbatical

    Ayurvedic Spa with Ancient Health Treatments & Personalized Pampering

  • Ayurveda is a 5,000 year old health-system

  • It's a Sister to Yoga & Meditation

  • One of many Ayurveda treatments is a a Daily & Seasonal Detox, know as Panchakarma.

  • These twice daily Wellness Treatments give an unattached chance to experience a standard of wellness that is extremely scarce, even for the world elites.

  • Increases the Lifetime Value of Customers.

    Vacationers return regularly, because once they experience these treatments they can't stop returning.

    • This quality of Ayurvedic treatments is rare because they require:
    • decades of specialized knowledge
    • a type of consciousness to keep them authentic
    • obscure herbs
    • & robust management & training systems
  • Wet & Dry Sauna

    Jungle Gym

    Cold Plunge

    Hot Pool

  • Optional Personalized Wellness Program.

    With the world's best Ayurvedic Wellness Guides & Doctors.

    Create a personalized, treatment, diet, recreation, and herbal plans.

  • Note: Building images showcase 3D renderings of architectural plans. Adapting plans to the final location will involve minor adjustments while maintaining overall quality and similar aesthetics.

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